Option 5

Voce Media - Bean to cup Hot drinks

Height 1830mm
Width 700mm
Weight 193KG

BevMax45 - Drinks

Height 1850mm
Width 1180mm
Weight 333KG

Merchant6 - General/Snacks

Height 1820mm
Width 1180mm
Weight 293KG

Shopper 2 - General/Meals

Height 1830mm
Width 968mm
Weight 323KG

A full range of machines, giving 2 coffee machines on either side of the cold drinks (BevMax45) and snack machine (Merchant 6) you can find the bean to cup machine(Voce Media) on the left with a slightly more expensive coffee you can get a higher quality coffee or you can buy a quicker cheaper coffee and hot drinks in the machine second to right.  The Shopper2 is shown on the right, it can fit different products in the machine such as drink cartoons or fruit.