How it works

No Cost

All the vending machines we supply are on a NO COST basis

No contract

As we don't have a contract, our service, vending machines and product prices are kept the best at all times

1Do you fit the criteria?

Permanent staff

You need to have 100 permanent staff before we can place a vending machine at your location.

Our area of coverage

Please be aware that the radius is an estimate.

2Get in contact!

It's time to pick up the phone or you can use our contact form

Hope to hear from you soon.

3Set a date and meet

We need to come and meet you to discuss your vending requirements, and the space you have for the machines.

We also need to do a site survey to make sure everything will go smoothly, when we install the machines.

Answering your questions

We like to keep it simple, we are happy to answer any questions you have.

4Put the vending machine in

Start Vending!

When everyone is happy we will put the vending machine in. It's as simple as that!

From this point our high level of service will take care of everything

We are so confident in the service we offer, we don't need a contract